Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When it rains, it pours

Man, am I having a horrible day so far. Don't you just love entries that start out like that? As if my morning hadn't been going poorly enough, I just found out that I didn't place in the writing competition I entered. Which is, of course, to say that I've lost all hope in my writing abilities and feel utterly talentless in life. I know, I know - it was the first competition I ever entered, I wrote it in an hour, there are tons of great writers in LA, blah blah blah. Still. The way I feel right now, Stephanie = failure. In more senses than I care to share.

It's a shame because I had such a fun weekend. Highlights included, but were not limited to: art gallery with marissa followed by dancing, lunch and a boat ride with the fam, Katie's birthday celebrations, Shark and Will being in town (any CO friends reading this?), driving range with Emily, Monopoly Marathons with Karen & Emily, finally seeing No Country For Old Men.

You can catch pictures of a small portion of these activities by clicking here.

Here's a sneak peak:


Anonymous said...

you are NOT a failure by any stretch of the imagination!!! you are a VERY talented writer and it was just one competition... doesn't define anything. i love you!!!

kels said...

dude! i got your message on the ol' blog but we ended up blowing through LA today as we are heading for beaches and sun ASAP. But thanks for the offer and i really do want to meet up sometime. so if we are coming back this way i will definitely let you know.
thanks again.

PS LA traffic sucks.

Stepiphany said...

Awww! Well perhaps on your way back. I know, the weather has been really crappy here lately (considering the location).

P.S. Hahaha, girl YOU'RE telling ME!